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With over 200 film credits, Fell4It Stunt Productions is a highly creative team of stunt professionals who can transform the director's vision into reality no matter the complexity, magnitude or potentially hazardous the stunt.

With Managing Director and Stunt Professional Shelley Cook at the helm, the Fell4it team are experts on cutting edge safety equipment and procedures including marine, driving, fire, explosives and aerial stunt safety.

Extensive industry contacts allow Fell4it stunt coordinators to assemble the most talented and experienced teams for stunt rigging, fire & explosions, crashes and chases, aerial work, falls, wire work, fight choreography and marine work. We are also Coaching Specialists who can train both child & adult actors with varying confidence levels and abilities to perform outstanding stunts.

At Fell4It Stunt Productions, we deliver mind blowing thrills for the camera but never compromise when it comes to safety for the performers and crew.